battlefield series
the russian team in battlefield medal of honor
and call of duty game series on the international level
Team's video:
You will probably ask - what is this about? Is this another simple combination of kills?!
But no! This is not what we are doing! This is not our interest!
And you are right! Everyone can do the video with the simple combination of kills!
We are preparing to every video and making a script! Mostly have got own point and doesn't look like any other!
So please take your time and enjoy!

Attention about functions the player have got:
1. Playlist. (click to the icon in left corner on top) You can find the playlist with our 10 team videos.
In the top of the list more freshness movies and in the bottom of the list more oldest movies.
2. Ability to download the video file with the best quality. So if you will press in that button the download will start.