battlefield series
the russian team in battlefield medal of honor
and call of duty game series on the international level

Moscow current date: Tuesday, 23 July 2024 01:13 pm

About the Team:

You are in the official website of the Russian Team {[|||RUS|||]}.
This is the first Russian Team of players in the Medal of Honor SERIES on an International level.
The {[|||RUS|||]} Team has born on December in 2006 year.
With the purpose of recruitment and merging the Russian players.


Team's Servers:
Voice Server:

Servers in the game: No available servers at the moment.
Our choice is Battlefield 4

We officialy moved in Battlefield 4. At the moment we recruiting and trying to collect our team to play in Battlefield 4. This game is really good and we enjoying of playing it.
If you have got your own clan, you can challange us for a clan war any time... Read More...

A new video, now for MW3

It`s been a while since the release of movie of bfbc2 Vietnam. And now, after a year, we considered to make a new team movie, but this time the movie is gonna be Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 gameplay. There is a purpose of this video to show you... Read More...

A new Design

We are glad to show you a new Design of the website. This is the first time when the website fully have been changed. At the moment the website can be reviewed in two different languages, so it is Russian and English languages. There are many pages have been added... Read More...

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