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Battlefield 4 Ban List:
Those are only permanently banned:
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Last update: 10.07.2014 05:15 Moscow Time

Description of reason:
- AIMBOT, WALLHACK, MULTIHACK, GAMEHACK - they who use cheats, hacks etc.
- OFFENDS - they who insult our admins
- NO RECRUITINGS HERE - Meaning the same
- VEHICLE_STEALER - They who stealing the enemy vehicles (or even taking free on the battlefield)
- TEAM_CHANGER - They who changing teams at the end of the round to be the winners
- UNBALANCER - They who switching to stronger team to make teams more unbalanced (skill balance)

*This list will be always updating when somebody new will be banned OR unbanned*

Any clans and any people who have server can use our ban list. For this u don't need to ask us. For use this ban list u need to go in your game directory and then go in folder: pb, found there file: pbbans.dat. open them by word editor, and just copy all list from here to there, after it save this file and don't forget to restart server.

If you can see yourself in the list of the banned, you can be easily unbanned, but you should post a message in the forums in this section first.