battlefield series
the russian team in battlefield medal of honor
and call of duty game series on the international level
We are temporary in Battlefield 3

So as we left Modern Warfare 3, we should play something. Before Black Ops II will be released we have decided to play in Battlefield 3. There is a public server we have rent and you can join anytime. Currently we are playing for fun but who knows, if we... Read More...

Leaving Modern Warfare 3

It is time to leave Modern Warfare 3. There are many reasons for this, but the only one is making all others. We cannot play in the game without dedicated servers. This is not only about cheaters, also we cannot get more members in team. We played many matches and... Read More...

1 vs 1 Skill or Cheat who is the winner?

Video of the game is here. Look at this bastard with cheats, this is not a simple cheater that you could found suddenly online. This cheater is a part of the ESL, GCC and other online competive systems clan. So the name of this clan is Electronics Sports Players!,... Read More...

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